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Dress Code


Please refer to the St. Tammany Parish District Handbook for Students and Parents. Extremes in style will be defined and determined by the school administration.

Polo Shirts – forest green, heather gray, or white, long or short sleeve, school logo optional. Polo shirts that are excessive in length, as well as t-shirts worn under the polo shirt, are to be tucked in. 

Pants – Cotton twill pants, shorts, or skirts of an appropriate length in regular khaki or the lighter color, commonly known as sand, are allowed.  No other colors, fabrics, or cut-offs are allowed.   Pants may not be decorated in any manner.  Pants must be secured at the waist.  Wind pants, sweat pants, leggings/jeggings or pajama pants are not permitted.

  • Pants that have holes or rips may not be worn.
  • Shorts, and skirts must be fingertip length when standing erect or no more than 5” above the knee.
  • Hats, baseball caps, beanies, skull caps and bandanas may not be worn.
  • Body-piercing ornaments are limited to the ears and nose, nose piercing is limited to one stud. No septum piercing allowed.  Earrings may not be extreme in size, hoops must be smaller than a quarter.
  • Students are required to follow district policy regarding hair.
  • A school uniform shirt must be worn under all outwear.  Hoods may not be worn inside.
  • Shoes – Slippers are not allowed
  • School administration will follow the school disciplinary process in addressing students out of uniform. 
  • Uniforms may not be altered or accessorized in an attempt to circumvent the mandatory uniform policy (long sleeved button down shirt worn over the uniform, etc.)